Counselling, Psychotherapy, Supervision & Training. Islington, London


Areas of expertise

Relationship Counselling

I work with both individuals and couples. You may have early experiences that prevent you from engaging in rich and meaningful relationships. Your choice of partner may be clouded, often in a way you are not aware of. Not being able to get close to others, or to stay close over time, can be a frustrating and lonely experience. You may be aware of this, but not feel able to change how you deal with others. With the assistance of a therapist you can change this.

Work / life balance

Much of our time is spent in our working lives. You may feel that you do not reach your potential or you are in two minds about your ambition, direction and achievement.

Similarly, what happens if you become reliant on your work persona, or work takes over from other important aspects of life? You may feel unable to make choices, as if compelled to devote yourself to work. You can learn to prioritise, to attach importance to things of your own choice, and to make sacrifices only when there is a real necessity to do so.

Family Counselling

Our families can provide a place of belonging and contentment. When there is disharmony, you may feel you are pulled in different directions by the roles given to you; wife and mother, father and leader, daughter and carer. In therapy you can re-evaluate your place in your family and alter the way others respond to you.

Bereavement and loss

Often we are unable to change things in our lives, and acceptance of this can be assisted in therapy. Counselling can help you come to terms with and make sense of your loss. If you get stuck in your grief it can support you in understanding your feelings and making choices.

Depression and anxiety

These have become medical labels, symptoms to be 'treated' rather than understood as emotional problems. Prescribed medication can provide relief for many but this can compound the belief that there is something wrong with you that you cannot control. Therapy can help you take charge of your thoughts and moods.

Habits and cravings, dependency

If you feel you are too dependent on substances, food, alcohol, or even other people, then therapy can assist you. You can discover the underlying causes for the habit and find ways live without it.


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