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Habits, cravings, addiction and dependency

We live in an era geared towards satisfying our hungers. It is very easy now to drink, eat, smoke, or spend a lot of time engaged in sexual activity or on the Internet You might rationalise this by saying ‘its no more than my friends/family’, but this may mask your attachment to it. Your consumption may be protecting deeper needs that are unfulfilled. Therapy is a tool for getting in touch with these needs.

What happens is that we form a relationship with the behaviour (e.g. by thinking ‘but I just love shopping’…or ‘no-one can love football too much’)?

The therapist's role is as a mirror showing you what you’re doing to yourself, exposing blind-spots or confronting denial or rationalisations (e.g. ‘its only a handbag’, ‘I like food and drink’, ‘but the internet’s so useful’, ‘ It’s just that I have a high sex drive’).

I have been counselling people with these issues in private practice for 9 years. Also, I was an NHS addiction counsellor for 6 years. If you feel you are too dependent on substances, food, alcohol, or even other people, then therapy can assist you. You can discover the underlying causes for the habit and find ways to live without it.



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